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Observers detect moved blocks late in 1.13


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    • Minecraft 18w30a
    • Minecraft 1.13
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      The Issue: When a sticky piston or normal piston extends a block into an observer, the observer outputs a pulse that is 2 game ticks/1 redstone tick later than in 1.12.

      The same tardiness is present when a sticky piston retracts a block into an observer.

      How to replicate:

      Examples of Implications:

      1: The circuit below gives the leftmost piston 2 pulses in 1.12 but only 1 pulse in 1.13.

      2: In the circuit below, the piston on the left is unable push the blocks back to the right in 1.12 because the piston is powered too early. In 1.13, however, since the observer detects the wool 2 game ticks late, the piston is able to push the blocks back to the right.

      This glitch breaks many redstone contraptions, and I'd love for it to be fixed for 1.13.1


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