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Esc key results in an older world being converted to a newer version during 'Play' menu sequence


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    • Minecraft 1.13-pre7
    • Minecraft 1.13-pre6
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      How to reproduce

      1. Launch Minecraft 1.12.2 or an earlier snapshot than the latest available.
      2. Create a new single-player world from that version
      3. Close the game
      4. Launch Minecraft with the latest snapshot
      5. Click 'Singleplayer'
      6. Select the world you created previously in the earlier version/snapshot
      7. Click Play

      The "Do you really want to load this world?" screen confirms whether you want to upgrade this world or not.

      Take note of the three options: "I know what I'm doing", "Backup and load" and "Cancel"

      1. On the "Do you really want to load this world?" screen, Press the Esc key on your keyboard.

      EXPECTED BEHAVIOUR: Pressing Esc should abort the request as if you pressed 'Cancel'.

      OBSERVED BEHAVIOUR: The world loads up in the newer snapshot, converting itself without making a backup. It is as if the Esc key triggered "I know what I'm doing!"

      RECOMMENDED FIX: Change the Esc key to become 'Cancel.' This should always be the default of someone hitting Esc.

      Note: Other screens, such as the "Are you sure you want to delete this world?" screen behave the correct way - aborting the request rather than completing it.

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