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When you jump to the location in the item bar and press the "Q" key, picking up will delete the number of items


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      the 20 report

      This is the twentieth loophole in my report.

      Because I think I have to discard objects and try to get rid of my objects and trees. Why? It turns out that 64 has become 24.

      If you want to try, look at the following

      This vulnerability attempt is used only to create patterns!

      Material: any item

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. open the item bar
      2. take out the list I need
      3. mouse into the middle of the item
      4. always press the "Q" button until the item is discarded.
      5. after picking it up, you will find that the number of items has been reduced from 64 to more than ten or twenty

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