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Wither particles bug. (Flickering Bug)



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      *Affects all Game Modes and Environments*

      I haven't tested it in earlier versions. I'm new to Minecraft and only know that this happens in 1.5 and 1.5.1

      So I spawned about...30 (yes I went a little wacko) Withers and they went on their rampage. After a while I got tired of it and set the difficulty to "Peaceful" rid my world of them.

      Now it seems that their particles still exist though. But they're not actively there. Instead...I get what seems to be a ghost of the particles. They flash their existence in regular intervals. They just appear in a static place for what seems to be nothing more than 10 milliseconds or so, and then disappear again, only to flash again after about 3 seconds or so.

      They have no effect, make no sounds, do nothing. Just sit there and flash. But I don't like it. Even building around it does nothing to the particle. It's still there.

      Any idea what's going on?

      I was very lucky to get ONE screenshot of it. It's one out of about 50 I took. I'd have to take a video of it to show you appropriately. But there it is. It's just there for a split second, then disappears, then reappears in flashes over and over again.

      Please see the comments for information I've added.


      Information that has been asked for :

      Was this a single player or multi-player/LAN game? :: No. Single Player.

      Was the issue corrected after logging out and back in? :: No.

      Was the issue corrected after closing the program and restarting? :: No.

      Have you been able to reproduce this? :: Meaning can I do it again? Sure, if I do more Wither spawning and let them keep going, then have them removed again, more of these will be created.


      World Download : http://depositfiles.com/files/osf9aq51c

      Crash Info (After Forcing a Crash) has been attached.


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