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Swimming state does not end when teleporting / jumping out of water


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      And remember: It is a bug. Please don't get too upset when it gets fixed.

      The bug

      Using a teleport command to get out of water while in the swimming animation causes it to be stuck. The player swims on land and is not able to toggle it off.
      This also happens sometimes when you jump out of water.

      How to reproduce

      1. Setup a commandblock with the following command. Add repeaters to it so you have delay after activation
        /tp @p (location outside of the water)
      2. Activate the contraption
      3. Get into a pool of water (at least two blocks deep) and press Shift to enter swimming mode

      You are teleported while you're swimming, causing you to continue the swimming animation. Upon re-entering water the swimming animation gets deactivated.

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