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Huge FPS drop when breaking blocks



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      My computer can run the game at 100+ fps and 60 fps at worst. With the last 1.13 snapshots and pre-releases I've been experiencing a huge drop on my fps when I break an oak log, grass or any crop. I attached the before and after of my fps while breaking grass blocks.

      Update 1: I just found a "fix" which lowers a little the amount of lag when you break blocks. I take the block that's causing lag, switch to creative mode, start to place them and break them and at that moment the lag is lower or inexistent. Then I switch to survival and when I break those blocks the lag stays lower or inexistent. Somehow I can break the blocks placed on creative without experiencing lag but with the blocks generated in the world I do experience a lot of lag.


      Update 2: Still present in 1.13 pre4. (Pictures attached)


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