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/locate uses all memory & crashes game


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    • Minecraft 1.13-pre3
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    • OS: Windows 10 with all updates.

      Java downloaded automatically by the launcher.

      Default amount of alocated RAM to the game (1gb).
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      After using the /locate command to locate a shipwreck without success, the game starts to fill up all 1gb of alocated memory. Huge frame drops appends due to high memory usage. A crash appends sometimes.

      The same does not appends if I alocate 2gb, but it still fills up more than 1gb of memory. The game starts to fill up more and more memory as I use the /locate command.

      After the crash, crash-reports folder in .minecraft was empty, even though the launcher displayed crash message after waiting with the game window in "not responding" state.

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