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Deep warm ocean generates without coral and sea pickles


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    • 21w43a
    • Minecraft 1.13-pre3, Minecraft 1.13-pre5, Minecraft 1.13-pre6, Minecraft 1.13-pre8, Minecraft 1.13, Minecraft 1.13.1, Minecraft 1.13.2, Minecraft 19w08b, Minecraft 19w09a, 1.15.2, 1.16.1, 1.16.2, 1.16.4, 20w51a, 1.16.5, 21w13a, 1.17.1, 21w37a
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      The bug

      Deep warm ocean biome seems to be completely forgotten by Mojang in terms of updating its generation, surely because it's an unused biome in default world generation.

      But although it's an (almost) unused biome, it should be more consistent with normal warm ocean (it doesn't generate sea pickles & coral reefs!).

      Actually, it is not completely unused, since you can access it via buffet.

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