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1.13 nbt enchant data command doesn't work.



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    • Minecraft 1.13-pre3
    • Commands and code, the /give command and nbt data.
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      When I tried to give myself a enchanted item with nbt data with the give command, it wasn't enchanted and just gave me a normal item. I've tried many other ways to see if one works but none did, I'm 99% sure this is a bug because I've tried EVERYTHING and none of it worked.

      The command I did:

      /give @s minecraft:diamond_sword{ench:[


      ]} 1

      It was supposed to give me a diamond sword with Sharpness 17 on it but it didn't work and I even tried levels that the enchantment can go up to normally like 5 but it didn't work and I tried 1 as well but nope, none of the numbers do. I really wanted the item but it doesn't wanna work. Sorry for taking up your time, that's really it... thank you for listening and I hope y'all can fix it. I know all of you are very talented and know whats going on. To whoever is reading this, thank you and have a great day!


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