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New Client and Server Outputs Increase Loading Time


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      Ever since Feburary, eveyone has been getting Client and server outputs in the .Minecraft folder.

      Even though I don't know why these are showing up, becasue I trust Mojang with all my heart not to spy on us, having all these .txt files in the .Minecraft SEVERLY slows down the load up time.

      Usually I'll be stuck on the "Done Loading" Screen for about 30 seconds and the mojang screen for a longer bit of time.

      However if I delete these files the game loads up quicker.

      Dear Mojang employees,
      Can you please let us know what these folders are for.
      I even saw a video on youtube saying that everyone is getting these and they show everything you do in the game and all you say.

      I trust there must be a good reason for this but these folders make the load up time a whole lot longer.

      -Connor Byers

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