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Baby villagers getting pushed into a wall and suffocating



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.12.2
    • Fix Version/s: Minecraft 1.13.1
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      Baby Villagers being kept in a 1*1 block holding cell occasionally push each other into the wall. When this happens they die from suffocation damage.

      The holding cell I am using is glass on two sides so I can watch it happening. It is not caused by chunk reloading, so this is not a duplicate of MCPE-1982.

      What seems to happen is when a new baby villager enters the holding cell from the water stream, it drops on top of babies already in the cell and sometimes pushes one or more sideways into the opposite wall. The wall is stone, so they should not be able to go into it, but when they are pushed they sometimes end up inside the stone wall and die.

      Is this supposed to happen, or is this a bug?

      I included a screenshot of the holding cell. The input water stream is top left. Babies cannot get out until they become adults, when they swim up and exit out of the top. Occasionally a baby gets pushed into the wall on the right by another baby entering the cell.

      Strangely, in a similar set-up in a Creative world, the babies never seem to get killed, in spite of the cell being much more crowded (due to accelerating production in the villager breeder with extra food).




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