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Unnecessary Overworld Portal Generation



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.12.2
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      I am running a local Minecraft server for my roommate and myself, and as it usually happens, we both created Overworld portals to get to the Nether.

      Since my roommate was first to the Nether, my Overworld portal (see 2018-02-05_19.32.12.png; all of these sides were lit right after each other) "linked" (yes, I know, thus the quotes) to my roommate's, and then I had to do some difficult math to create my own Nether portal (see 2018-02-05_18.56.17.png; the portal to the left is the one created, and is what I call the "first" of the pending quad-sided Nether portal) so that it "linked" my Overworld portal.

      Everything was good; both my roommate and I were satisfied with our Overworld and Nether portal "linkage" – that is, when we used them, we traveled to our expected corresponding portals.

      Tonight, I started working on the "second" Nether portal (see 2018-02-05_18.56.17.png; the right-side is the newly-created "second" Nether portal). Upon completion, I began testing by traveling through this second side of the Nether portals – this led to a spawned Overworld (see 2018-02-05_18.50.02.png), which is unexpected behavior, since there is a portal already available in the desert temple for that side. A couple of travels through this and the Nether portal confirmed that the good "linkage" was now lost; if I traveled through either of the Nether portals, I would arrive at this spawned desert Overworld portal. I destroyed this portal by removing an obsidian block (see 2018-02-05_19.31.20.png). In doing so, I was able to reuse the quad sided Overworld portal to go to the Nether and back, as long as I only used the "first" side of the Nether portals.

      Attempting to use the "second" side of the Nether portals resulted in a new Overworld portal getting spawned, this time underground (see 2018-02-05_18.56.50.png). This portal is not yet destroyed, so the current "linkage" is to this undergournd Overworld portal from the Nether, even if I use one of the sides in the desert temple Overworld portals.

      When I look at the server log, I see these "<entity> moving too quickly" and notice that it seems the previous entry's coordinates are virtually negated for the next log entry.

      I got annoyed, and started searching online for reports, but most seem to be from earlier versions, and comments on those results seemed to indicate the bug(s) were fixed. Yet here I am, latest version of the Java Edition, and am having portal issues. So I came here, and heeded the search first request, and most of the cases I have seen seem to be "resolved" as duplicates of to MC-1403 (which I am referencing here), and there was also MC-98153, which I am including for the "moving too quickly" portion.

      From searches in the bug tracker:

      • https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-1403 – However, according to Anon Ymus, the reported bug is not "seen" as a bug. I would disagree, as my Overworld portals (in the Desert temple I have repurposed) have never been destroyed since being created – only the newly spawned Overworld portals from the second side of the Nether portal.
      • https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-98153 – However, neither I or my roommate are on fire when traveling through our portals. I am seeing a lot of the "moving too quickly" debug warnings though (see attachment 2018-02-05 19-59-34.png), which are coinciding with mostly the portal traveling – not sure if this file contains personal information, since there are UUID's included in the server log, so I marked this as private just in case.

      Screenshot Attachments:

      • 2018-02-05_18.50.02.png (spawned desert Overworld portal)
      • 2018-02-05_18.56.17.png (under construction Nether portal)
      • 2018-02-05_18.56.33.png ("first" Nether portal + coordinates)
      • 2018-02-05_18.56.37.png ("second" Nether portal + coordinates)
      • 2018-02-05_18.56.50.png (spawned underground Overworld portal + coordinates)
      • 2018-02-05_19.30.27.png (desert temple Overworld portal A + coordinates)
      • 2018-02-05_19.30.42.png (desert temple Overworld portal B + coordinates)
      • 2018-02-05_19.30.52.png (desert temple Overworld portal C + coordinates)
      • 2018-02-05_19.31.04.png (desert temple Overworld portal D + coordinates)
      • 2018-02-05_19.31.20.png (broken desert Overworld portal + coordinates)
      • 2018-02-05_19.32.12.png (above desert temple quad Overworl portals + coordinates)
      • 2018-02-05 19-59-34.png (* moving too quickly calls)


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