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Cycling through tab suggestions starts at value after highlighted value even if highlighted value differs from currently chosen value


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    • Minecraft 18w06a
    • Minecraft 18w03b, Minecraft 18w06a, Minecraft 1.13-pre6, 21w03a
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      To reproduce:

      0. Make sure your cursor is nowhere near the tab suggestion box
      1. Type in /team option someTeam (with a trailing space)
      2. Hit tab twice - color will now be the chosen value (in the chat bar)
      3. Hit the down arrow thrice - nametagVisibility will be the highlighed value (colored yellow in the tab suggestions box)
      4. Hit tab - seeFriendlyInvisibles will be placed in the chat bar instead of the value I just manually highlighted from the suggestion box (seeFriendlyInvisibles is the value after the one I had highlighted)

      Note that step 3 can also be done with your cursor. Expected behavior would be for step 4 to fill the highlighted (yellow) value into the chat bar.

      18w06a partially fixed this issue, but selecting a different value by moving your cursor still is affected.

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