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Zipped datapacks cannot be loaded



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    • Minecraft 18w02a
    • Minecraft 18w03a
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      The bug

      If you have a zipped data pack in your datapacks folder, it won't be loaded – only data packs in regular folders will be loaded.

      How to reproduce

      1. Create a valid data pack
      2. Put it into your datapacks folder
      3. Run /reload, then /datapack list enabled (and if you want, /datapack list available as well) to see that it's actually loaded
      4. Now zip the data pack (make sure that there isn't an extra folder; the pack.mcmeta file must directly be in the zip folder) and put it into the datapacks folder
      5. Make sure that the unzipped data pack is no longer in your datapacks folder
      6. Run /reload, then /datapack list enabled (and if you want, /datapack list available as well) to see that it's not loaded

      Original report

      Datapack doen'st work on Server. At server boot, the zip is loaded but the advancements and the data inside the zip are not available on the server.

      In the uploaded images, you can see the exemple with the function refresh_price.

      The datapack work well with the last 2 previous snapshot


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