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Command List DataProvider incorrectly labeled as "Item List"


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      The following will refer to class names, while I've tried my best to ensure that they are self-explanatory, I may be wrong. Please view https://gist.github.com/jamierocks/e10effbc064b3348f2b11142e4fab4c1 to see mappings used.

      The issue exists within the class CommandListProvider (fi), and the faulty implementation of DataProvider#getName() (fg#b()).

      The current implementation is as follows:

          public String getName() {
              return "Item List";

      The corrected implementation may be as follows:

          public String getName() {
              return "Command List";

      Of course, other names (such as "Command Data", or "Command Tree") may be more appropriate.

      This issue can be seen (not in code) by the following:

      jamie@Jamies-Mac-mini  ~/proj/Shroud/run   develop  java -cp server.jar net.minecraft.data.Main --reports
      [12:52:20] [main/INFO]: Starting provider: Block List
      [12:52:20] [main/INFO]: Block List finished after 201 ms
      [12:52:20] [main/INFO]: Starting provider: Item List
      [12:52:20] [main/INFO]: Item List finished after 6 ms
      [12:52:20] [main/INFO]: Starting provider: Item List
      [12:52:21] [main/INFO]: Loaded 0 recipes
      [12:52:21] [main/INFO]: Loaded 0 advancements
      [12:52:21] [main/INFO]: Item List finished after 693 ms

      NOTE: "Item List" appearing twice.

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