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/data doesn't update a block entity's visuals until reload


    • Confirmed

      What happens:

      using [ /data ] to change:

      • a banner's pattern and/or pattern color
      • a sign's text
      • structure block bounding box and gui (unlike the others, this change is not corrected on reload)

      using [ /data get ], the returned nbt shows the correct (updated) nbt.
      Middle-clicking the banner gets the wrong (old) item in inventory.

      What is expected to happen:

      The visuals update according to the nbt instantaneously without the need of re-logging.

      How to reproduce:


      1. Place any banner.
      2. use a command to change the patterns:
        /data merge block ~-1 ~1 ~ {Patterns:[{Pattern:"bs",Color:5}]}
      3. The texture doesn't update.
      4. Relog. It is magically fixed!

      End Crystal and area effect cloud:

      1. Place an entity.
      2. change the pos using [/data].
      3. Position only changes after relog.

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