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All COLOR_wall_banners are missing translation keys


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    • Minecraft 18w02a
    • Minecraft 17w47a, Minecraft 17w47b, Minecraft 17w50a
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      As of 17w47a the wall banners got split up per base color, and every block in the game has its own translation key.

      But, wall banners only have 1 translation key: block.minecraft.wall_banner unlike all other blocks and is not actually used.
      There should be block.minecraft.COLOR_wall_banner for each color instead, like the game tries to get.

      This can be seen in CanPlaceOn and CanDestroy tags.

      This can be fixed by adding the following to the lang file:

      block.minecraft.white_wall_banner=White Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.orange_wall_banner=Orange Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.magenta_wall_banner=Magenta Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.light_blue_wall_banner=Light Blue Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.yellow_wall_banner=Yellow Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.lime_wall_banner=Lime Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.pink_wall_banner=Pink Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.gray_wall_banner=Gray Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.light_gray_wall_banner=Light Gray Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.cyan_wall_banner=Cyan Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.purple_wall_banner=Purple Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.blue_wall_banner=Blue Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.brown_wall_banner=Brown Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.green_wall_banner=Green Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.red_wall_banner=Red Wall Banner
      block.minecraft.black_wall_banner=Black Wall Banner

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