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/tp @s ~ ~ ~ acts like an absolute teleport, killing all momentum


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    • Minecraft 18w01a
    • Minecraft 17w46a, Minecraft 17w48a, Minecraft 17w49a, Minecraft 17w49b, Minecraft 17w50a
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      I have a post on the forums about it too

      The way it worked in 1.12.2, if you were teleporting yourself to your current positon, it would pretty much ignore any axis containing ~ allowing the possibility of commands that can force a player to move in a certain direction but also allow them to move other directions on their own.

      In these new snapshots, I can't. If I had

      /execute as @a at @s run tp @s ~ ~-0.1 ~

      It would push me down slowly, but also I wouldn't be able to move or look anywhere without it rubberbanding back unlike in 1.12.2 where the player would still be able to move on the x and z planes, but would just be sinking down slowly.

      I am really hoping that this is a bug or at least will be changed because this broke two of my builds, and I am sure that there are many more players' builds that have also been broken.
      And any workaround for this will be very difficult, if not impossible.

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