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/function can't see any functions


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    • Minecraft 17w45b
    • windows 7 and 10, java 8
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      (also affects 17w43b)
      What I expected to happen was...: the function should run
      What actually happened was...: "Unknown function: namespace:folder/function"

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a new world (or open an existing one) in 17w45b
      2. Create a "functions" folder in [world save]/data
      3. Create a "namespace" folder in [world save]/data/functions
      4. Create a file called "test.mcfunction" in [world save]/data/functions/namespace
      5. Add a command such as "say test" and save the file.
      6. Back in minecraft, run the command /reload (note that in the case of invalid commands it still provides no feedback, even though it's supposed to display an error)
      7. Run the following command:
        /function namespace:test
      8. Observe the output:
        Unknown function: namespace:test

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