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Loading files from data packs and sounds ignores sub folders (causing e.g. no sounds at all in 17w43a)


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    • Minecraft 17w43b
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      As the title states:

      [17:05:01] [Server thread/ERROR]: Couldn't read function medabots_server:stagerunsnowfield_a_second_go from medabots_server:functions/stagerunsnowfield_a_second_go.mcfunction

      the file is actually located in medabots_server/functions/stage/run/snowfield_a_second_go.

      The files simply do not load if they are in a sub folder, regardless of whether they are valid or not.

      This is the case for:

      • Advancements (Custom packs only)
      • Loot tables (Custom packs only)
      • Functions (Custom packs only)
      • Sounds (Vanilla only)

      In the case of sounds, this produces error messages like these, for all of the sound events in the game:

      Missing sound for event: minecraft:ambient.cave
      Missing sound for event: minecraft:weather.rain.above

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