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Worlds not saving, chunks not loading, not being able to interact with the world


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    • Minecraft 1.4.2, Minecraft 1.4.7, Minecraft 1.5
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    • Not using any mods.
      using java version 7. update 7 build 1.7.0_07-b11
      Operating system is windows 7
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      Here is what happened:
      i was bringing villagers from the village to my underground base (by using rails and carts) and as i destroyed the cart with the villager in it because the villager disappeared (i was expecting this because it is a common bug)so i pressed the save and quite to title button then went back into the world and the villager was visible again but when i moved the next villager it disappeared just like the first so i did the same as before and loged out and back in but this time it took a minute to enter the world(i was on the downloading terrain screen for that minute) but when i did join the world again half of my characters body was in the block below me and only parts of the chunk i was in appeared while the rest of the chunks where cut off with the void below. Also i could not interact with any block the brings up a gui but i could walk around. I could also break blocks but they would not drop items, also all the mobs disappeared. (including the villagers that i had moved)If i jumped into the void Where the world was cut off The world would eventually load back to normal. but once i went back to moving the villagers the same thing happened, but jumping into the void did not work this time, This time i was just under the world and nothing was happening it seemed like i was just falling for eternity in the void.
      Also if you logout while under the world in the void and then log back in you will appear back where you were (with half your body inside the block under you)and you had the exact same problems as before and the same exact place as where the problems had started. Which shows that the world is not saving.

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