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Blocks that will be replaced when another block will be placed on them do not work with CanPlaceOn tag


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      I created a map which requires a snow layer to be placed on top (stack it) of another snow layer in adventure mode. I attempted using this by /give-ing it with this command:

      /give @a minecraft:snow_layer 10 0 {CanPlaceOn:["minecraft:snow_layer"]}

      However, when attempting to place this on the snow layer, nothing happened, like I was trying to place this on a block that I can't place on.

      Am I doing something wrong? The item description does mentions it can be placed on "snow".

      NOTE: I also can't place the snow layer on the side of the pre-existing snow layer. Not sure if this is intended or not.

      Here is a WIP list of blocks that this affects:
      -tall_grass (grass and fern variant)
      -double_plant (both top and bottom, grass and fern variant)

      Please let me know if I missed any.

      EDIT: After further observation, all of these blocks I have mentioned are the ones that when placed on, instead of the block appearing next to one of these blocks, the block is instead placed in the block, deleting the old block.
      The only exception to this rule is when a snow_layer is placed on another snow_layer. The behavior is similar to slabs, which work, but it doesn't.

      -Thanks, Iam

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