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gamerule sendCommandFeedback and commandBlockOutput doesn't stop /functions from writing errors


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      I made 2 files that should be in "error" folder but those two still escapes while importing. folder containing 2 .txt files should be in save/fdata/functions

      To execute error follow the instruction
      /gamerule commandBlockOutput false
      /gamerule sendCommandFeedback false
      /function error:1

      First function [ /function error:1 ] at first spawns an armor stand and then executes next function on the newly spawned armor stand. The next function "written by" armor stand sends a message depending of my head rotation on y axis. Aside from gamerules sendCommandFedback and commandblockOutput being set to false the message should not be written to me but to the armor stand. Of course gamerules should prevent it happening everywhere

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            dinnerbone [Mojang] Nathan Adams
            Deadly_Hunter Tomasz Kostuch
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