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Tripwire Hooks and Ladders can be placed on blocks that they should not be able to


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      Tripwire hooks are now placeable on many things that they should not be able to be placed on including "glassy blocks" such as glass, glowstone, sea lanterns, ice, and more, such as leaves and pistons. This is relative to what they were placeable on in prior versions, which is assumed to be the originally intended behavior. In prior versions, they shared the same placing and valid attachment requirements as redstone components that attached to the sides of blocks such as levers and buttons, unless other components are going to be able to attach to such things as well going forward, it would be confusing to have some of these attach to certain blocks and have other things not attach to the same blocks due to seemingly arbitrary conditions.

      A list of blocks that tripwire hooks and ladders are attaching to that are erroneous according to precedence in previous versions: glass, stained glass, ice, frosted ice, leaves pistons (full sides only, when extended only the back is "valid"), the face of piston heads, glowstone, sea laterns, shulker boxes, beacons, and cauldrons.

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