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Items are still placed in crafting grid after one stack reached the maximum stack size invalidating recipe and deleting items


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      The bug

      Clicking on a recipe continues to add the ingredients in the crafting grid as long as you have the items in your inventory even if the stacks in the crafting grid reached the maximum stack size. For items with a maximum stack size of 64 the additional items are placed in free crafting grid slots invalidating the recipe. For items with a lower maximum stack size the additional item is deleted.

      How to reproduce

      1. Put at least 16 + 1 ender pearls in your inventory
      2. Put at least 17 blaze powder in your inventory
      3. Open the recipe book
      4. Shift click one the "Eye of Ender" recipe
      5. Click on the "Eye of Ender" recipe again
        → One ender pearl is removed from your inventory but does not appear in the crafting grid, additionally one blaze powder item is placed separately in the crafting grid

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