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/fill only supports block entity tags for one of the filled blocks


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      If you use the /fill command to fill in blocks with a block entity tag (like command blocks with commands inserted), only one of the filled blocks actually has the tag.

      Steps to recreate:

      1. /give yourself a command block (/give @p minecraft:command_block)
      2. Paste in the following command and set the command block to 'Always Active':
        /fill ~-1 ~2 ~-1 ~1 ~2 ~1 minecraft:command_block 0 keep {auto:1b,Command:"/say This should only trigger once."}

        Because of the bug, it will say the message only once instead of nine times, and only one of the nine command blocks has the command inserted.


      • I used a similar mechanism in 17w17b, and this didn't result in the issue.
      • The behavior is the same when the command is executed from chat or through a function, executing it from a command block was just an example.

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