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Advancement doesn't get revoked when /reload is quickly executed afterwards


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      How to reproduce:
      1. grant an advancement and wait a little bit, (or hit escape to force save the data)
      2. run these 2 commands in quick succession: /advancement revoke @s only <granted advancement> then /reload
      3. open your advancement menu, you will see the advancement was not revoked, and thus can be re-revoked using the same command.
      (might need to repeat the steps if it doesn't work.

      What happens (most likely):

      • Advancement revoke does not get written to disk before the advancements are reloaded.
      • The /reload will interrupt the game before it can save the revoked advancement.

      What should happen:

      • The advancements that have been revoked between now and before /reload is executed should be saved to disk.

      Below a video containing the process with the steps clearly shown:

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