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Dispenser Recipe uses Enchanted Bow


    • Confirmed

      If you make an dispenser using the recipe book, it also uses your special full enchanted bow. If you click to fast (like i did) your bow is gone...

      How to reproduce it:

      1. Start creative world.

      2. Go to Inventory and grab a stack of cobblestone, redstone, one bow and crafting table.

      3. Place down the Crafting Table.

      4. Select the bow on your hotbar and type /enchant <player> minecraft:infinity .

      5. Now open the Crafting Table and make a dispenser using the recipe book.

      Possible way(s) to fix:

      1. It is no longer possible to craft dispensers with a enchanted bow using the recipe book.

      2. If a bow is renamed the bow can not be used to craft a dispenser.

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