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Advancement "Monster Hunter" (kill_a_mob) is not granted for killing certain hostile mobs


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      The bug

      The advancement "Monster Hunter" is granted for killing many types of hostile mobs, including polar bears, but is not granted when you kill:

      • elder_guardian
      • endermite
      • vex
      • ender_dragon
      • wither
      • Killer rabbit
      • giant
      • wolf

      The reason for this seems to be that the corresponding JSON file is not containing the case for killing these creatures.

      How to reproduce

      1. Revoke the "Kill a mob" advancement
        /advancement revoke @p minecraft:adventure/kill_a_mob
      2. Summon an elder guardian
        /summon elder_guardian ~ ~ ~ {Health:0.1f,NoAI:1b}
      3. Kill it
        → You are not granted the advancement
      4. Summon a normal guardian
        /summon guardian ~ ~ ~ {Health:0.1f,NoAI:1b}
      5. Kill it
        → You are granted the advancement

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