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Tool and armor duplication glitch with doLimitedCrafting set to true



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      The bug

      You can duplicate tools and armor items in the crafting grid when the gamerule doLimitedCrafting is set to true.

      How to reoproduce

      1. Activate limited crafting
        /gamerule doLimitedCrafting true
      2. Switch to Survival mode
        /gamemode survival
      3. Get 2 pieces of the same armor or tool (it do not matter with the durability left, it can even have full durability)
        /give @p diamond_chestplate
        /give @p diamond_chestplate
      4. Go in a crafting table or just open your inventory
      5. Put both items in the grafting grid
      6. Press E to close the GUI
        → Both items will be moved back to your inventory but additionally one will be dropped on the ground if you are lucky. This item is not a ghost item and can be picked up. Its about 50/50 if you get an extra one.
        → If you have 2 different items, it seems to be the one you didn`t put first in the crafting grid. Example: I have 2 diamond swords, one I never used, and 1 I have used a lot. If I place the one i never used first into the crafting grid and I am lucky to get an extra sword that sword will then be the used one, because I placed the unused one first in the crafting grid.


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