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Items can duplicate if the item entity gets modified


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      The bug

      A player in Survival or Adventure mode picking up and dropping items modified by the /entitydata command can duplicate the items.

      How to reproduce

      I made a quick little video, but I had to shove it on dropbox because of the 10MB limit
      Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqyjpazljppkirr/2017-04-04%2021-56-30.mp4?dl=0

      1. Place a repeating command block, enter for example the following command (you can modify actual item entity tags as well) and activate it
        /entitydata @e[type=item] {SomeCustomOrExistingTag:1b}
      2. Place different variants of an item (for example different colored wool) in your hotbar
      3. Switch to Survival or Adventure mode
        /gamemode survival
      4. Drop all items in your hotbar by either pressing Q or Ctrl + Q
      5. Select the first hotbar slot and keep pressing Q or Ctrl + Q
        → After some time you should see that the dropped items have been duplicated

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