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Credits are not shown when leaving end for the first time but after that are always shown


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      The bug

      Credits only appear when you have left the end at least one time respectively when the seenCredits tag of a player is already true (1b).

      How to reproduce

      1. Create a new world
      2. Go to the end
      3. Beat the dragon for the first time
      4. Go through the portal back to the Overworld
        → The credits are not shown
      5. Go to the end again
      6. Go through the portal back to the Overworld
        → Now the credits are shown

      Code analysis

      Based on a decompiled version of 17w13a

      It looks like the values for the SPacketChangeGameState packet (deobfuscated name: id) are just interchanged when the method EntityPlayerMP.changeDimension(int) (deobfuscated name: nn.b(int)) creates it. It should use 1.0f when the player has not seen the credits yet.

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