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The rotation of some blocks in hand/GUI does not match rotation when placed


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      Glazed terracotta (and some other blocks) get placed backwards from how they look in the hand. It makes it unintuitive to place.

      (arrow points backwards in hand but forwards in world, opposite of blocks like furnaces)


      Various blocks can be placed in multiple orientations based on the player's rotation (chests, pistons, etc). For most of these blocks, the side that will be facing the player when placed is positioned like so:

      • Facing towards the player in first-person
      • Facing away from the player (on the inner side) in third-person
      • On the right half of the GUI icon
      • Facing straight out in an item frame
        This is illustrated in the following two images:

      The bug

      Some blocks do not follow this convention for one or more models, resulting in unintuitive or confusing placement.

      = matches most blocks
      = affected by this issue
      First person is most relevant since it defines your intuition for block placement, but I've included blocks that are unusual in third person for the sake of completeness.

      Block First Person Item Icon Third Person
      Glazed terracotta
      Observer (see note*)
      Piston/sticky piston
      (probably WAI)
      Fence gate
      End portal frame
      Command block
      Chiseled bookshelf
      Big Dripleaf
      Small Dripleaf
      Decorated Pot
      Calibrated Sculk Sensor

      Attached are images of affected blocks in the contexts in which they appear inconsistent, with a before ("Vanilla") and after ("Fixed") image.

      (* Rotating the observer in the GUI makes it look rather strange, so a more correct fix may be to alter its placement so that the "face" faces the player when placed instead of the back.)

      One more thing
      Blocks that "attach" to the face you click on (logs, shulker boxes...) follow a convention where the model is oriented vertically. However, jigsaw blocks do not follow this convention and are also confusing to place.

        1. ~template 1.png
          ~template 1.png
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        2. ~template 2.png
          ~template 2.png
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        3. anvil (current).png
          anvil (current).png
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        4. anvil (fixed).png
          anvil (fixed).png
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        5. banner (current).png
          banner (current).png
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        6. banner (fixed).png
          banner (fixed).png
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        7. chest (current).png
          chest (current).png
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        8. chest (fixed).png
          chest (fixed).png
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        9. command block (current).png
          command block (current).png
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        10. command block (fixed).png
          command block (fixed).png
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        11. end frame (current).png
          end frame (current).png
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        12. end frame (fixed).png
          end frame (fixed).png
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        13. fence gate (current).png
          fence gate (current).png
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        14. fence gate (fixed).png
          fence gate (fixed).png
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        15. observer 1 (current).png
          observer 1 (current).png
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        16. observer 1 (fixed).png
          observer 1 (fixed).png
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        17. observer 2 (current).png
          observer 2 (current).png
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        18. observer 2 (fixed).png
          observer 2 (fixed).png
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        19. piston 1 (current).png
          piston 1 (current).png
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        20. piston 1 (fixed).png
          piston 1 (fixed).png
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        21. piston 2 (current).png
          piston 2 (current).png
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        22. piston 2 (fixed).png
          piston 2 (fixed).png
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        23. skull (current).png
          skull (current).png
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        24. skull (fixed).png
          skull (fixed).png
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        25. stairs (current).png
          stairs (current).png
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        26. stairs (fixed).png
          stairs (fixed).png
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        27. terracotta 1 (current).png
          terracotta 1 (current).png
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        28. terracotta 1 (fixed).png
          terracotta 1 (fixed).png
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        29. terracotta 2 (current).png
          terracotta 2 (current).png
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        30. terracotta 2 (fixed).png
          terracotta 2 (fixed).png
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