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Scoreboard don't work with offline / non-existant players


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    • Minecraft 14w07a
    • Minecraft 1.5, Minecraft 1.6.1, Minecraft 1.6.2, Minecraft 1.7.2, Minecraft 1.7.3, Minecraft 1.7.4
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      1. Start a server and join it as op in creative
      2. Type these commands: (So your scoreboard is prepared)
        /scoreboard objectives add Test dummy
        /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar Test 0
      3. Type these commands: (You are the only tracked player)
        /scoreboard players set <yourPlayerName> Test 0
        /scoreboard players set <friendPlayerName> Test 0
        /scoreboard players set <non-existantPlayerName> Test 0
      4. Type these commands: (This only change your score)
        /scoreboard players set @a Test 1
      5. Let a friend join the server
      6. Type these commands: (Your friend is tracked)
        /scoreboard players set <friendPlayerName> Test 1
      7. Type these commands: (Your friend score and yours is set to 2)
        /scoreboard players set @a Test 2
      8. Tell your friend to leave the server
      9. Type these commands: (You can't change his score when he's offline, whenever he's tracked)
        /scoreboard players set <friendPlayerName> Test 1
      10. Type these commands: (You can only change the score of online players, whenever other are tracked)
        /scoreboard players set @a Test 0


      It's only possible to change score for online tracked players.

      • Having the possibility to change the score an already tracked players.
      • Having @a selectors to change the score of all tracked players of the specified objective, additionaly to connected players
      • Having the possibility to add an offline player to the list of tracked player for one objective, if their names is given explicitly.

      • Since a player is tracked for a scoreboard and he's not on the server,
      • It's not possible to change his score, when we use his name explicitly or with selectors such as @a.
      • It's not possible to set a name for a player that's not on the server or non-existant player.

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