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No sound and missing pack.mcmeta in update 1.11.0 only. Works normally in previous versions.



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.11
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      Windows 10, Java 1.8.0_111
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      What I expected to happen was the game (vanilla and unmodded with no texture packs) would launch normally, and the menu would make a sound as buttons would press, the game would load normally, and walking, pressing levers, using swords, animals, and other things would make their associated noise in update 1.11.0, and that the game would play at roughly 27fps as is standard for my computer.

      What actually happened was the game did as expected in update 1.10.0, but did not do anticipated things in update 1.11.0. The launcher loaded slowly, downloading what appeared to be sound files before freezing for roughly fifteen minutes and then launching the game (every time I opened the launcher). Each world took roughly five minutes to load, and once loaded, the framerate did not advance beyond 4fps. Neither the game or the menu had sound, (not caused by computer's volume mixer or computer sound settings), and the default resource pack displayed the message "missing pack.mcmeta". Subtitles do not work.

      Sidenote: In an attempt to fix the problem I pressed "F3" and "T", relaunched the game, restarted the computer, uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher, updated java, uninstalled Minecraft, downloaded an older version of the launcher because the newest version would not install due to "file corruption", and set the .minecraft file back to a previous backup made in October after Minecraft 1.10.0. The game still has absolutely no sound in the menu or in the game, but only when running 1.11.0. I also opened the Minecraft resource packs folder in the .minecraft folder and pack.mcmeta is there.

      The bug occurred upon downloading update 1.11.0 in the launcher. (current launcher, after re-installing, is 1.6.70)




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