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Mounted horse disappeared after 1.11 upgrade


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    • Minecraft 16w50a
    • Minecraft 1.11
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    • Minecraft 1.11 Server (.jar) running on Win7 PC with newly upgraded Java 1.8.0_111.
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      After upgrading from Minecraft 1.10.2 to 1.11 and all upgrading Java from the previous (latest) version to 1.8.0_111, and logging back on to the game, the horse that I had been mounted on when closing the game (under version 1.10.2) disappeared. The log contains the following lines:

      [07:51:02] [Server thread/WARN]: Invalid statistic in .\world\stats\8365f473-a478-4cf1-aaab-6e15862dd350.json: Don't know what stat.killEntity.EntityHorse is
      [07:51:02] [Server thread/INFO]: sparetimer[/] logged in with entity id 182 at (-1854.6217083986073, 71.8500000178814, 285.74785887473524)
      [07:51:02] [Server thread/INFO]: sparetimer joined the game
      [07:51:05] [Server thread/WARN]: Skipping Entity with id minecraft:entityhorse

      I backed up the 1.10.2 version copy of the game's \world folder before running 1.11, let me know if you need a copy to repro.


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