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Inverting redstone torches prints "lskdjfldskjf" to log


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    • Minecraft 16w44a
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    • Client: Win7 32bit, Java 1.8u112, Server: FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p5 amd64, OpenJDK 1.8u102 (openjdk8-8.102.14_2)
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      I was unhappy with the new observer block timing because the current output doesn't allow you to make a redstone torch pulsate, so I tried using a repeater to delay the signal.

      It worked, but also spams the console with: "lskdjfldskjf".

      To reproduce (also see the attached screenshot):

      • Place an observer block, place a repeater behind it and set it to 2 ticks.
      • Trigger the observer block.
      • Watch the console output.

      Pictures show the circuit I used as well as my console output.

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