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Placing Shulker Box at 0 0 0 Causes Client Crash



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      Placing a Shulker box at coordinates 0 0 0 causes a StackOverflowError that crashes the client.

      What I expected to happen was...
      To be able to place the shulker box at 0 0 0 by placing it against 0 1 0 from below, just like I can with chests, trapped chests, furnaces, droppers and dispensers.

      What happened was...
      The client crashed.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a world
      2. Go below bedrock
      3. Break the bedrock block at 0 0 0
      4. Place a Shulker box in that hole
      5. Crash

      Additional information:

      1. When done on a server or lan world (by other player than the host of the lan world) only the client crashes. If another player goes within ~8-20 blocks of the Shulker box they also crash. Neither can rejoin the world without crashing within seconds.
      2. Shulker boxes can be placed at 1 0 0 or, as far as I can tell, anywhere else at y=0 in the world without causing any problems.
      3. An area of ~180-210 blocks in all directions from 0,0 is affected by a couple of strange behaviours while the Shulker box is in place.
        1. Signs and banners can become invisible
        2. Placing Chests, Trapped Chests, Enderchests, Shulker boxes, Furnaces, Dispensers, Droppers, Skulls, Flower pots and Jukeboxes can crash the client.
      Description: Unexpected error
      java.lang.StackOverflowError: Unexpected error
      	at com.google.common.collect.SingletonImmutableBiMap.get(SingletonImmutableBiMap.java:56)
      	at ath$a.c(SourceFile:164)
      	at aqi.e(SourceFile:132)
      	at auj.g(SourceFile:627)
      	at auj.a(SourceFile:635)
      	at ajn.r(SourceFile:1854)
      	at aqi.b(SourceFile:236)
      	at ath$a.d(SourceFile:393)
      	at alp.a(SourceFile:414)
      	at ath$a.c(SourceFile:383)




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