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Repeaters and comparators don't update non-solid blocks in front of them


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    • Minecraft 16w44a
    • Minecraft 16w43a
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      Repeaters and comparators only give out block updates in case a solid block is in front of them.

      Powering a dropper/dispenser or piston like in picture 1, which was possible in all previous versions, is no longer possible, because the dropper/dispenser/piston doesn't receive the information, that it is powered.

      Powering only a single piston (picture 2) would be no longer possible without workarounds.

      Placing a block in front of the repeater wouldn't work, because it activates both pistons (picture 3)

      Grum added a comment - 2 hours ago - edited
      This happened when we made the observers not be able to power the airblock in front of them and thus being able to power the observer line with a gaps in it.

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