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"Local Brewery" achievement can be obtained improperly


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    • Minecraft 16w44a
    • Minecraft 16w41a, Minecraft 16w42a, Minecraft 17w18b
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    • Mac OSX Yosemite
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      The Bug
      Taking out any item besides a water bottle in a brewing stand will give you the "Local Brewery" achievement.

      The method net.minecraft.inventory.ContainerBrewingStand.onPickupFromSlot(playerIn, stack) only checks if the items PotionType is not water. This means any other item will work. This can be fixed by also checking if the item is either a potion, splash potion, or a lingering potion.

      Old description:

      I had killed a witch and obtained some glass bottles. Having no empty chest space, and being too lazy to make a new chest, I simply stored them in a brewing stand. Later, when I went to withdraw them, I was greeted with the "Local Brewery" achievement upon taking them out, despite not having brewed anything yet. EDIT The bottles were empty.

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