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End Gateway shows beacon beam every 2400 ticks even if no entity teleported


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      How to reproduce

      Use the following command

      /setblock ~2 ~ ~ end_gateway{Age:4780L}

      → The beam appears one second (20 ticks) after the end gateway was placed, despite no entity being teleported


      tryashtar mentioned a workaround for the time being:

      Set the end gateway's Age to a negative value for example -9223372036854775808L since that is the lowest long value possible and is about 14623560433 years in the real world.

      Note: Be aware that this workaround will also remove any beam occurrence even if an entity enters that gateway
      (as long as the gateway got a negative Age value).

      If you do need a beam whenever an entity enters the gateway, but want to additionally prevent the currently periodically recurring beam each 2400 ticks, set e.g. a command block contraption with a timer that resets the gateway's age to 200 (timer at maximum at 2199 ticks = 1 minute and 49,95 seconds realtime).

      Code analysis

      See this comment.

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