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Head can be on backwards if riding pig in minecart (doesn't move)



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    • Minecraft 1.4.7, Snapshot 13w09b, Snapshot 13w09c
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    • Windows 7, 32-bit, Java Version 7 Update 10
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      I heard that when you ride a saddled pig sitting in a minecart, you can drive it with the keyboard, but the controls are backwards. When I went in F5 view, my head was backwards.
      I'm pretty sure it's because normally if you spin your head whilst on only a pig, you'll steer it if you a have a Carrot on a Stick, or else, look around you. Since when I tried it the pig wouldn't move, so it would just do the moving animation every once in a while. Going back to the point, since the 'vehicle' is stationary, the pig won't rotate, therefore, your head does instead.

      How to make this weird bug occour:
      1.Place any block
      2.Place a rail and a minecart on top of it. Do not push the minecart.
      3.Build a pillar right next to it, having it one block higher than the minecart's postion (In most cases, the pillar's height is three blocks)
      4.Spawn a pig on the side of the pillar so it falls in the minecart.
      5.Attach a saddle to the pig.
      6.Break the block below the minecart, or the whole structure if you wish.
      7.Ride the pig in F5 mode. If you move your 'camera' around a bit, you can twist your head around 360 degrees, but having it backwards is the main bug itself.

      So, there you have it Dinnerbone. Or Jeb. Or whoever!




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