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Generated villagers can have impossible Career


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    • Minecraft 16w35a
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      Some villagers have Career that their Profession doesn't allow (e.g. a Butcher with Career 3 or 4). This can be found using /entitydata.

      These villagers have trades from other random professions, but according their Career (e.g. a Librarian with Career:3 can have Tool Smith's or Shepherd's trades). If Profession of the affected villager allows multiple Careers, then it's name is displayed as a "Villager".

      Old description:
      While exploring the new 1.11 snapshot. I was observing villagers and any changes including the "nitwit." While in a Butcher villager's GUI, instead of displaying "Butcher" it displayed "Villager." I found other "Butcher" villagers and they displayed the name properly. I attempted to replicate the glitch by spawning in more villagers, but I could not. The villager occurred in a naturally spawned village. The coordinates are -500, 70, -700. The seed is: -7989118705340891292

            FruBasilicum [Mojang] Agnes Larsson
            murlieturtle Muriel Tuttle
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