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Wrong subtitle for sound (sounds.json mistake)


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      This bug was created based on MC-98316. It is probably a bad idea to collect all kind of subtitle related reports in MC-98316 as the reasons why they happen are pretty different.

      The bug

      Some sound events have wrong matched subtitles.

      Affected sounds
      Hitting wooden blocks
      • Situation:
        Hitting wooden items such as planks, logs, chests, crafting tables...
      • Sound name: block.wood.hit
      • Current subtitle: subtitles.block.generic.break
      • Expected subtitle: subtitles.block.generic.hit
      Wooden pressure plate unclicking
      • Situation:
        When a wooden pressure plate deactivates.
      • Sound name: block.wood_pressureplate.click_off
      • Current subtitle: subtitles.block.button.click
      • Expected subtitle: subtitles.block.pressure_plate.click

      The reason

      How to find the sounds.json file
      1. Open the directory %appdata%\.minecraft\assets\indexes
      2. Open the index file for the latest version with a text editor
      3. Search for "sounds.json", remember the value
      4. Open the directory %appdata%\.minecraft\assets\objects
      5. Search for a folder with the two first characters of the value you just found out as name and open this folder
      6. Search for the file with the complete value as name and open it with a text editor

      The reason for this is that in the sounds.json file defines a wrong subtitle for a sound.

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