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Severe bug that does not allow me to play on my own server


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    • Minecraft 1.4.5
    • Minecraft 1.4.2
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    • Windows 7 amd64 Home Premium
      64-bit java Version 1.7.0_06
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      My client immediately crashes when I try to join a locally hosted server.(ie my own)
      I have tried many force updates, and reinstalling the vanilla server software each time. But it does not work still. This map was created it 1.3, so I am not sure if that is the problem instead.

      iPwnTNT lost connection: disconnect.genericreason

      If someone has any fix to this, then please help me. Otherwise, that leaves me prone to griefers/trollers seeing as I cannot administrate my own server.

      loaded old world from 1.3 bukkit
      download 1.4 vanilla server
      run server nogui
      login using localhost

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