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Seed "IvanTheBlue" causes MC to freeze with "Loading World" "Converting World" displayed



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    • Minecraft 1.4.2
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      This has been seen by several people on various machines.
      Trying to create a new world with the seed "IvanTheBlue" (-227356463) the client will freeze completely and either has to be killed with Windows Task Manager or Windows Restart.
      It is being discussed in the thread, http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1536431-i-found-a-seed-that-crashes-minecraft-142/

      This does not happen if the user is trying to create a "large biome" world.
      Also I've tried and failed with a virgin version of 1.4.2 and with one modded with MCPatcher to allow certain texture packs to work.
      Also it does not seem to matter if client is in survival or creative.

      ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
      // On the bright side, I bought you a teddy bear!
      Time: 10/28/12 7:42 AM
      Description: Exception in server tick loop
      java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
      	at ye.a(SourceFile:271)
      	at acz.a(SourceFile:58)
      	at adw.a(SourceFile:24)
      	at aaa.a(SourceFile:29)
      	at aac.d(SourceFile:221)
      	at id.c(SourceFile:78)
      	at id.d(SourceFile:100)
      	at xe.e(SourceFile:260)
      	at xe.a(SourceFile:203)
      	at xe.c(SourceFile:216)
      	at xe.b(SourceFile:191)
      	at zr.a(SourceFile:58)
      	at ie.b(SourceFile:502)
      	at ie.a(SourceFile:471)
      	at xe.<init>(SourceFile:162)
      	at ie.<init>(SourceFile:64)
      	at bcb.a(SourceFile:70)
      	at bcb.c(SourceFile:99)
      	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(SourceFile:570)
      	at fp.run(SourceFile:818)
      Relevant Details:
      - Minecraft Version: 1.4.2
      - Operating System: Windows 7 (amd64) version 6.1
      - Java Version: 1.7.0_05, Oracle Corporation
      - Java VM Version: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation
      - Memory: 518962048 bytes (494 MB) / 693501952 bytes (661 MB) up to 954466304 bytes (910 MB)
      - JVM Flags: 2 total; -Xms512m -Xmx1024m
      - AABB Pool Size: 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) used
      - Is Modded: Very likely
      - Profiler Position: N/A (disabled)
      - Player Count: 0 / 8; []
      - Type: Integrated Server




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