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    • 1.16.40
    • Windows 10 client, Windows 10 BDS
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      Bedrock Dedicated Server version 1.16.100 - Villagers sleeping in beds move, either in a random direction (including through walls) or when nudged by a player.

      I have replicated the issue in a singleplayer local game, so it is a general issue.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create new world in creative (I used seed 'levitatingvillagers')
      2. Create new structure of sufficient size, e.g. 20x30x3
      3. Place beds in rows without gaps between, I placed 2 rows of 11 beds
      4. Place a workblock at the foot of each bed with a one block gap between bed and workblock (I used lecterns)
      5. Spawn villagers equal to number of beds
      6. Wait for sunset!

      While some villagers lay in their beds as normal, most drift away, levitating (still in the lying-down position) a random number of blocks away, and in random directions. 

      Hope this helps? I have tried to attached a video of the issue in single player local game mode, but the filesize was too large.


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