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When view-distance is <5 clients are unable to connect


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    • 1.16.210
    • 1.16.20, 1.16.40
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      When view-distance is set to 4 or less in server.properties, joining clients get stuck on "Locating Server".

      Steps to reproduce...

      1. Unzip clean copy of the latest affected BDS version
      2. Leave all settings as default but change view-distance to 4
      3. Start server
      4. Join from any client

      What I expected to happen...

      As both the how to document and the server.properties file claim that "any positive integer" is a valid value, BDS should function when view-distance is set to low +ve value (1 through 4)

      What actually happened...

      Clients are unable to join when view distance is set to between 1 and 4.


      • The server console shows the player as connecting, so it appears a successful connection is in fact made.

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