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Too much maps increase world weight and corruption



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.14.60
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      PS4 Minecraft
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      I'm in love with your game. With friends, we've made a great city in Survival and our map is getting corrupted.

      I have noticed that when I went in a big travel to make big maps of what's around us, the weight of our world passed from 100Mo to 700Mo. I love to make maps and watch those to see the expansion of our work.

      But, recently, I've made 3 more maps and the weight grow to 900Mo. Since that, anytime we play 10 minutes on it (with friends), the world get corrupted and no playable.

      (Yes, I had many back-up just in case... And there we are)

      We spend a huge amount of time to make that city, especially in Survival. I suspect the maps to be the origins of the huge increasing of data/weight of our world. (I tried to make an 1/4 maps of 7x6 to have a clear view on our kingdom... Since i began that new map, our world gets corrupted, i couldn't even finish it)

      We are on ps4. I have an old back up of three days ago so we wont lose our world but it's pretty annoying.

      In rage, I throw to lava my maps but the world keeps the same weight. I did know that it wouldn't erased those but if there were any chances to decrease the data weight, I would take it. Any idea to help me with this ?


      Isn't it possible to make a tool of "weigh less/off-load of world" or an update which could save area where buildings are and replace them in the same seed without discovered lands outside the "safe spot" ? Like "Enter a square of positioning [xxx;yyy;zzz]-[xxx;yyy;zzz] that need to be saved and replaced" to lightening the weight of data ? Like erasing maps done that are non-essential for the player buildings... ? Or is there any way to lightening the map creation which seems to be the reason of my grown weigth of data ?

      In the same vein, my world is "endless/infinity". Would it be possible to make it limited to off-load it like saving 5k of blocks around the center point given ?


      Incidentally, I would be very interested in the possibility of exporting my worlds to my computer account 'cause I just went on ps4 to play with friends (which is not necessary now that there is crossplatform). But i'm a computer player and I just understood now how much i like your game.

      I don't want to rebuild what I have already done. That's what block me to play any more Minecraft for the moment. If I can't export or save my work, i don't think i will start anything new again... Sadly... :,(


      Right under, pictures of our survival town, called Petunia ('cause why not).

      And the pictures of my map room. Then, i tried to back up the most recent world which stayed at 700Mo and no getting more than that. Not sure those will stay under that critical mass very long. :,(


      I hope my english was understandable...


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