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PS4 player cannot authenticate to BDS LAN game when online-mode=true


      I am trying to use BDS to run a LAN game for Xbox, Windows 10, and PS4.  I would like to require authentication so I can feel more confident about expose my server's port to the internet for a remote player, but when I attempt to enable the whitelist and online-mode settings, the PS4 player cannot connect anymore.

      Info (using placeholders instead of real usernames):

      • User has their PS4 account connected to a Microsoft account.
        • PS4 username = my_ps4_username
        • Xbox gamertag = MyXboxGamerTag
      • server.properties file has
        • online-mode=true
        • white-list=true
      • whitelist.json has both the PS4 username and xbox gamertag in the whitelist.json file


      Users on Xbox and Windows 10 can connect, but the PS4 user still gets this error from the PS4 game:

      You need to authenticate to Microsoft services.

      When I set both online-mode and white-list to false, the PS4 player can connect and the server log shows

      [2020-02-16 22:52:54 INFO] Player connected: <MyXboxGamerTag>, xuid: <12345>

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